Security Training & Assessments

Our team of Los Angeles Private Investigators also specialize in a variety of security training and threat assessment services. Led by Dr. Rehan Nazir, our team is experienced in law enforcement & extensive security measures, meaning you will receive the best training for your private, corporate or educational needs.

In the past decade there has been a wide variety of different violent incidents in schools and in the workplace. Most of these do not end well, and often result in injury, death, and takes a major toll on the mental health of those who experienced it and did not feel safe. The truth is, every physical location is succeptable to such horrific tragedies. Aside from what we hear on the news or read about, there are five times as many incidents that aren’t reported on in the media. Highlow Investigations is here to train you using the proper accredited safety measures to ensure you feel safe and protected in any event.

Safety Training Services

Highlow Investigations offers the following Los Angeles safety training for all realistic scenarios:

  • Workplace Shootings
  • School Shootings
  • First Responders during Shootings
  • Emergency & Special Operations
  • Shooter Response for Law Enforcement
  • Workplace Violence & Threat Assessment
  • Random Acts of Violent Encounters
  • Customized Programs & more

Security Assessment Services

We also offer an array of various threat & security assessments:

Facility Sites – Highlow Investigations will develop an assessment for all facility site components. We will particularly identify key areas of concern through a thorough observation.

Policy & Procedure – We will review any safety and security documents of your company and note any outdated or inconsistent procedure information. We only focus on maximizing the security & safety of your employees in the event of an emergency sitatuion.

Situational Threats – Depending on the industry and the size of your business, we will assess the security & safety of yourself and your employees by identifying potential situations that can be taken advantage of by someone who is trying to do harm.

Let our Licensed Professional Investigators at Highlow Investigations help your company with the proper Safety Training & Assessments. Call 310-795-6227 today!