Qface Systems’ solveacrime.com site finds missing Las Vegas Child

Qface Systems, the parent company of solveacrime.com which specializes in a variety of crime prevention solutions, identification systems, and alert/notify products has released information regarding a recent missing child in North Las Vegas which was quickly found with the assistance of solveacrime.com.

Dr. Rehan Nazir, D.B.A., J.D., M.B.A., M.A.F.M., M.H.R.M., B.S., A.S., A.A., owner/operator of Highlow Investigations, a premier investigations firm in Los Angeles was contacted to find a missing 15-year-old girl from North Las Vegas Nevada. Nazir quickly mobilized his team and began to utilize his vast resources, one of which is the solveacrime.com website owned by Qface Systems. “We utilize a variety of processes and internal systems, the solveacrime.com site allows us a very quick and effective method to notify thousands of local citizens who can provide valuable tips” says Nazir. “Local media news stations have always been helpful in broadcasting pictures of missing children and surveillance videos of wanted suspects, however they don’t have the capability to broadcast the enormous volume of content that occurs every day in their city” stated Nazir, “The solveacrime.com website has no limitation and delivers a larger amount of targeted views relevant to the specific area that we are interested in”.

It took Nazir and his team only a few days to find the missing child and safely bring her home to her parents. “HighLow Investigations will always use the most cutting-edge technology and processes available to find missing people and solve cases” says Nazir “Qface Systems and the solveacrime.com site coincides with our continued technological progression”.

Charles Archer, chairman of the Qface Systems law enforcement council is well aware of the valuable results when your able to reach large numbers of the public to identify and/or locate missing persons or criminals on the loose. As former Assistant Director of the FBI overseeing 3,000+ agents, Charles sees Qface’s COBRA System as a solution that revolutionizes the crime prevention and suspect identification process. “Shows such as America’s Most Wanted proved extremely valuable in identifying and locating criminals by engaging the public”, “The solveacrime.com site delivers the same capabilities on a daily basis with a larger, more defined audience that are able to share the information and rapidly expand the coverage” stated Archer.

About Qface Systems Qface – Systems provides industry leading crime prevention systems, identification systems and solutions. The advanced COBRA System (Cloud Operated Burglary & Robbery Apprehension System) provides businesses with daily crime notification alerts specific with their location, actionable crime tracking intelligence, facial recognition, and access to the powerful solveacrime.com website. Solveacrime.com specializes in the identification of suspects, missing persons, or location information from uploaded videos and/or pictures by law enforcement agencies, retailers, security directors, and private citizens. Solveacrime.com is owned by Qface Systems LLC.