Los Angeles Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations

We are Highlow Investigations, based in Torrance, CA but more than capable of providing our services to clients throughout the rest of the region. Like our name suggests, we specialize in investigating cases of workers’ compensation fraud so that our clients can rest assured knowing that they are not being cheated by unscrupulous individuals.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud is something that can happen throughout the process for claiming workers’ compensation. However, the kind of workers’ compensation fraud that should interest businesses the most is the kind that comes from employees claiming money to which they are not entitled, not least because that can have serious consequences for their own costs and benefits. As a result, while cases of workers’ compensation fraud are relatively small in number, businesses must nonetheless watch out for such incidences with unceasing vigilance, which is where those of us at Highlow Investigations can come in.

We Conduct Thorough Research for Work Comp Fraud Claims

In short, we respond to our clients’ concerns about potential cases of workers’ compensation fraud by checking to see if there is any basis to them by using the latest techniques and technologies to carry out investigatory activities such as those listed here:

  • We can carry out a background check of suspected individuals to see if they have had cases of workers’ compensation fraud with other employers as well as other suspicious incidents that could suggest that they are not being entirely truthful. While background checks do not present a full picture of the situation, they are nonetheless useful for gleaning insight into the character of the claimant.
  • If necessary, we will watch over the claimant to make sure that their habits and behaviors match up with their claims. After all, if they have filed for workers’ compensation, their injuries should be serious enough to have had a noticeable impact on their daily lives. If necessary, we will capture video footage of them doing anything strenuous that does not match their claimed injuries so that it can be used in a legal case.
  • Finally, we will make sure that all evidence collected in this manner will be stored and sealed according to the dictates of the law so that our clients can use them when the time comes.

Why Choose Highlow Investigations?

There are a number of workers’ compensation fraud investigators in the region, but we believe that we are the ones who are most capable of meeting our clients’ needs. In part, this is because of our expertise and experience. However, it should also be mentioned that we are fully-trained, licensed, and bonded, meaning that our clients will be protected in case something goes wrong.

To learn more, those who interested in such services should not hesitate to contact us at their earliest convenience.