Los Angeles Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance investigation is a combination of physically tracking an individual’s activities and monitoring other activities such as finances, computer or other electronic interactions and cell phone usage. This type of investigation may be done for the following reasons:

  • Spousal
  • Worker injury claims
  • Fraudulent disability claims
  • Witness location

Surveillance is done with a number of tools. In addition to physical surveillance, both audio and visual information can be gathered. A complete surveillance would include assets and the lifestyle of the individual in question.

An experienced private investigator will be well-versed in the art of surveillance. It’s vital to gather information in all aspects of the individual in question without getting noticed. It’s important to know how to blend in with the surrounding scenery, and how to access records that are hidden in the system. It is important to have a licensed individual working with you to make sure all the information obtained is done so in a legal fashion.


When to use Highlow Investigations as your Los Angeles Surveillance Investigators?

As a private investigation agency in Los Angeles, there are many areas where a private investigator is needed, one very important area is that of child care. It is vital to know the complete background of someone you are entrusting your child to. Background checks must be done to ensure there is no history of child abuse. Although records may show there is not, surveillance of the individual in question may show otherwise. This type of surveillance may include both physical and technical measures.

Custom Surveillance Services Serving All of Los Angeles

Should you need to do some private investigating, our surveillance is customizable to your needs. Located in the city of Torrance, you may benefit more from technical surveillance over physical. In instances where you do need physical surveillance done, you may need more than one investigator working with you. A part of your investigation plan may include staking out certain areas the individual in question frequents.

Whatever the case may be, it’s best to have an experienced Los Angeles investigator on hand. Knowledge of the current laws, proper licensing and bonding, and a background in law enforcement are all essential tools for an efficient investigator to have. In an area as large as Los Angeles, CA, it’s best to make sure you’re dealing with legitimate investigators. Being bonded and insured can help to ensure you’ve found the best possible service for your needs.

An experienced investigator is not only up to date on all legal aspects of their work, but they also know the importance of compassion in the cases they handle. This is especially important for investigations and surveillance regarding significant others. Whether it be suspicion of infidelity or information for an upcoming divorce, affairs of the heart are difficult to deal with. Highlow Investigations has the necessary experience to help you through any surveillance issues that may arise.

We are a fully licensed & bonded investigations firm in Los Angeles. Call us for an over-the-phone consultation at 310-795-6227