Background Check & Investigations in Los Angeles

In today’s society, not is all as it seems. While we hope that we can trust people, some things can make you question their credibility. It can be difficult to access information about someone in question without overstepping public legal boundaries. This is where an experienced, bonded Los Angeles background investigator is essential. We have the necessary licensing and knowledge as to where to gather pertinent information on an individual, regardless of their current location.

An experienced private investigator knows the importance of obtaining all pertinent information but yet remaining confidential in their work. This is key for your protection in the initial work being done. While all work is confidential, we will back up our work if necessary in a court of law.

Types of Background Check Services

Private investigation covers a multitude of things. Perhaps there are questions on someone’s assets, if there is a criminal background, or a thorough background check is needed for employment. As an example, it is important to know these vital things if you are entrusting your child to a nanny. A few of the things that can be investigated for you include:

  • Verification of education
  • Employment history
  • Criminal background
  • Professional licenses
  • Adverse credit history
  • Driving records and history
  • Past addresses and locations
  • Litigation
  • Sex offender registrations and history


We Handle the Background Investigation for you

Granted, technology has evolved significantly to the point of people’s public information being readily available via social networking and other communications networks through the Internet. Not to mention, the population in Los Angeles and its surrounding area is huge. When you’re looking for an honest, reliable individual for employment, it would take an eternity to find the information on your own without proper knowledge as to where to look. In some instances, an adverse background history would not show up in all areas. Highlow Investigations doesn’t recommend Online background Check websites; these often can be deceiving. You can be charged for information that is outdated or incorrect. Our Los Angeles Private investigators can save you time and money by using the huge data base of information available to them.

Why Trust Highlow Investigations?

When hiring a private investigator, it’s important to know their background as well. You need to make sure you’re dealing with a licensed, bonded individual. You should have their history and knowledge readily available to you when you first contact them. An excellent private investigator will have all the correct licensing, bonding, experience, and preferably a background in law enforcement. Chances are the individual that is being investigated could be difficult to work with. Investigators with a background in law enforcement have knowledge on working with all types of people.

Our private investigators at Highlow Investigations are experienced, bonded and licensed in the field of their work. Let us save you time and money by doing a thorough job for you.

If you are seeking background investigations in the city of Los Angeles, do not hesitate to ask for our help by calling 310-795-6227.