Los Angeles Asset Investigations

Investigating an individual’s assets can be difficult. A person may have changed their name or address in order to hide any assets they may have. It is important to find all pertinent information regarding assets to prepare for cases of litigation or fraudulent activities. This is where our professionals at Highlow Investigations can assist. With over 20 years experience in private investigation services, we can help you with your Los Angeles asset investigations for all potential reasons, including:

  • Investigation of joint assets before a divorce
  • Fraudulent activities of an investment company
  • Bankruptcy
  • Preparation for litigation
  • Verification of hidden assets
  • Starting a joint business venture

Although there are numerous background check websites, they do not do a thorough job on obtaining the correct information. Facts they offer may be outdated and incorrect. Even discreet inquiries won’t bring about all the facts needed.

A private investigator has access to a multitude of avenues to obtain all the information you may need regarding an individual’s assets. In large areas such as Los Angeles, this is key in saving you time and money. This also ensures that you are getting the most current up to date information available.


How to Hire the right investigator for your Los Angeles asset search:

When dealing with any type of financial asset investigation, it is vital to hire an experienced investigator that has proper licensing and bonding. This not only ensures that the work done is thorough, but also safely. There are many investigators today that will offer doing work for you that are not knowledgeable in the vast areas of hidden assets. Bonded Los Angeles investigators will have more access to information that is not easily obtainable or easily disclosed. It is easier for an investigator to piece together any information that doesn’t fit together. As an example, individuals may claim a certain income and asset limit, but their lifestyle will indicate otherwise. In instances such as this, the investigator can bring to light any information that will assist you if you need to seek litigation against someone.

Protect Yourself from Potential Financial Harm

Asset investigation is extremely important should you need to start any litigation against someone for fraudulent activities. Attorneys will seek the assistance of a private investigator to ensure that all the findings are correct and available before litigation starts. The information obtained will greatly help you in winning a case against someone that has tried to victimize you financially.

In many instances, an asset investigation may be done against a future business partner or even an employee. In order to protect yourself from financial harm, it’s best to know another’s financial history. Any investigation, although complete, is done with the utmost confidentiality.

Performing an asset investigation can give you added peace of mind when done properly. Highlow Investigations has the experienced, bonded and licensed investigators to do the work you need done quickly and affordably.

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