About Highlow Investigations

With over 75 years of law enforcement experience and with current and former Law Enforcement agents from Local, State and Federal Governments, we have worked with Patrol Officers, Narcotics Detectives (Vice and Narcotics Division targeting major DRUG TRAFFICKING ORGANIZATIONS), S.W.A.T., DEA, and various undercover operations including Counter-Terrorism.

Our network of various agencies working together and experience in private investigations has not only helped corporations with employee and criminal background checks or with cheating spouses, but we have helped curb major narcotics trafficking using wiretap investigations (including: writing of affidavits, preparation of indictment books, and writing and execution of over one-hundred state affidavits and search warrants), vice operations (prostitution, massage parlors, illegal gambling, and ABC investigations), managed, supervised and handled informants on large-scale investigations.

Owner Dr. Rehan Nazir, D.B.A., J.D., M.B.A., M.A.F.M., M.H.R.M., B.S., A.S., A.A. has supervised, trained and managed complex multi-jurisdictional investigations involving the supervision of over 200 Detectives, Special Agents and Task Force Officers from various law enforcement agencies with successful results that lead to prosecutions of major criminal organizations.

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